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  1. Are these natural sand dunes?
  2. Christian Henning


    Still amazed by this place... it's special.
  3. There's a special ingredient that hardly anyone talks about... and in today's world, we are short on it. In fact, I think we are facing the extinction of this trait personally if we don't act now. And this ingredient bleeds over into everything we do in life... causing us more issues than need be. The ingredient is FOCUS. If you own a cell phone, you know what I'm talking about. The mobile devices we lug around everywhere are more precious to us than water or our basic needs. The phone is prioritized above all else because we have to be ACCESSIBLE IN A MOMENTS NOTICE. It's ridiculous. Most of us are of the age that we recall never having a cell phone. If you weren't home when someone called, they left a message and went about their business. You try that today, people are going to call 911 and send out search parties. They want an instant result. And we are trained like Pavlov's dog to respond immediately. FOCUS! Look around the gym, folks are on their phones reading texts and watching things and not paying attention to the weights in front of them. Put that shiz in airplane mode and turn on some music and GO. Everyone wants the latest exercise fad or tool and they want to try new crap all the time. That does nothing. It's exercise ADD... and it's the same as not paying attention to every rep of your workouts. Get SERIOUS if you want results. Dialing in with focus is what delivers big results. Pay attention to what you do and you will reduce risk of injury too. Be aware of how the muscle feels, your form, alignment and that your body is in perfect alignment for every exercise. If you are busy Facebooking it's impossible to give your best effort. I think everyone can wait 45 minutes until you are done. Sloppy form and lack of focus can bite you right in the arse. Take a 45 minute mental break and hit that workout with focus and intensity today. Train harder with smart programming and perfect execution. That's how you drive the ball longer and make gains and remain injury free. Chris
  4. We must be related. I just bought tickets to see The Cult at the House of Blues in Dallas this May. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Stay at it... even when it gives you negative reinforcement. That's gravity not lying to you.
  6. Some say don’t weigh every day. I think you should. It points out the bs we tell ourselves if we skip. It tells no lies. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. BT is it politically correct to call them fat bottomed? What do the rappers say now? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Reminds me of junior high, high school and college. Oh, and my run as an assistant golf pro with @Richard Guzzo who got the nick name 'Dick Fats' because he uses a brutal form of Russian Pool power in his game and zero finesse. I love playing pool!
  9. until
    C-4 Test Group proving ground.
  10. Here at the Golf Aggressive HQ it’s been a busy week. And I thought we would try something different… … a weekly round up. Rust Buster Challenge starts Monday: If you join the Golf Fitness Academy (just $14.95/month), you get a 14 Day FREE trial. If you discover the RBC isn’t for you, just hit cancel inside your members area before the 14 days expire and you won’t be charged a dime… …And you’ll get instant access to: … 4 Week Calendar (we roll into the Power and Distance Challenge first week of April) … 8 Weeks of Workouts … 2 Range Practice Sessions (I’ll give you my practice session programming) … 4 GTG or Greasing the Groove drills that can be done ANYWHERE … Regain Touch Ritual … 20 Minute Morning Ritual (to get you firing on all cylinders) Join us here: https://getgolffit.com/checkout/?rid=pc6N6j Consistency Module - Statistical Analysis: This week we focused on analyzing our stats so we can find the best place to start lowering our score… … You can grind away all you want on things you enjoy, but you aren’t going to improve as much as if you focused on the things you suck at… NEW FORUM LAUNCHED: We got tired of Facebook not showing all of our posts. Seems the mighty Facebook cares about displaying ads and censoring information more than they do about freely sharing information our golfers want. To do a better job with our coaching… we released our own forum. There’s no censorship or hurt feelings… and no ads... and it's free. Come join the discussions. No distractions. Just golf. You can also use the Tapatalk app in the iTunes and Google Play store to get alerts sent to your phone and easily read and post info… just like the Socialist Facebook app. Except you won’t be forced to read a bunch of ads and listen to your buddies political rantings. Click here:=> https://forum.golfaggressive.com The forum takes the best from Get Golf Fit and Single Digit Blueprint and mixing those communities together with one aim: BECOME A SINGLE DIGIT HANDICAPPER WHO CAN CRUSH IT. C-4 Test Group: Email notifications went out to those selected. If you wanted to participate and didn’t hear back from me… chances are your reply was only a sentence and didn’t follow the instructions. The Test Group gets started full force March 4th. I’m putting the finishing touches on the beta workouts and will be getting all of the guinea pigs prepared so we hit the ground running full speed. Super excited for this program and it’s my first big test group since we did the Power and Distance Challenge with the GolfGym.com folks. C-4 will launch shortly after the Masters once we get all of the tests wrapped up. It's going to be good! WORKOUT PLAYLISTS: We also added up some of our workout playlists and we are working on a new one... ... have a great workout song you want to share? Let us know here:=> Fairways and Greens, Chris "Growing the Game of Golf" Henning
  11. THIRD Review. Once you have enough data, we can draw some conclusions. Although the spreadsheet lacks the ability to count how many times you missed right or left on fairway and green shots, your notes are available (or should be) for a manual tally. Start by counting how many fairways you hit and missed. Then count your right and left misses (separately). Tally this number up on a notepad. What is your most consistent miss? This will give us the information we need to determine a course of action. Second, count how many times you hit greens in regulation. Then count your misses to the right and left (separately). What we are looking for here is the “low hanging fruit” for your misses. Do you miss greens more to the left or the right? Third, let’s look at our putting statistics. Out of our greens in regulation, how many putts do we average? When we miss a green, are we able to get up and down? The data will reveal the low hanging fruit for each aspect of our game… and from there, we can devise a plan of attack. For example, if you have an abnormally large amount of three putts… are you missing more from 3′ and in or is your lag putting horrible and leaving you 5 – 6 footers for par? The amount of data you can examine depends on the notes you take. Spend extra time taking quality notes and you will discover where you can begin to drop your score faster.
  12. Post a link to the YouTube version of the song you want added to a new Spotify playlist. Once we get 12-15 songs, I'll build it out and post up. Chris
  13. Here's another playlist we did that was really good.
  14. Awhile back, we decided we would create a playlist to listen to while working out. All of our members contributed to it. You can listen to it for free too on Spotify:
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