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  1. Richard that is good to know I have been considering trying the Exotics 3 wood. Might just hold on to my TM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The good part about living in Oklahoma we really don’t ever get totally shut down, that being said I have been really been working on doing GTG’s for the past couple of weeks 1) Set up 2) Ball Position 3) chipping whiffle balls down the hall 4) putting on the mat, etc. that is the great think about this program if you will just pick out some GTG’s and work on them you will be way ahead of the game when season starts and the “rust” will be won’t adhere as much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have thought about and looked into several different apps that track strokes gained, but I just can’t decide if I want to pay for an app that I may or may not use. Currently I use Foursum app to tackle stats (fw,GIR,Sand, etc) it is a free app and is pretty easy. I do go through times where I don’t want to use my phone (except for the music I am playing) use the score card and then transcribe the states when I get home.
  4. Defiantly will make Thursday interesting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Believe you can win Don't be seduced by results Get lost in the process of executing each shot and accept the result Sulking won't get you anything When Padriag Harrington win the British Open in 2007 he got up and down on the last hole for double bogey to make the playoff Beat them with patience Don't feel like you have to hit the miracle shot every time, sometimes par is good enough (or double in Padraig's case) Ignore unsolicited swing advise Embrace your golf personality Some players like to socialize, some like to keep to themselves. Figure out what works for you and stick to it Have a routine to lean on Find peace on the course After we are all a bunch of hacks anyway, enjoy this wonderful game. sometimes you just have to "live to play another day" Test yourself in stroke play Stroke play is real golf, its tougher when you have to count every shot Find someone who believes in you Spouse, friend, teacher etc.
  6. I know hat a lot of you guys travel for work more than I do. My work travels are usually 1 to 2 days trips to Oklahoma City for trainings or other conferences. So my question is what do you guys do as far as your eating habits when you are on the road? Because for me it is real hard to not order the Ribeye with all the fixins or like today some good old BBQ?
  7. I am in need of blubber removal
  8. From a buddy of mines AA book but I thought it is a great example of not making resolutions but making life commitments and changes
  9. 2019 Golf Specific 1) Short game improvement - Distance and Finesse Wedges - Proximity to hole inside 120 yd - Average 29 or less putts per round - Master different shirt game shots 2) Play In more Individual tournaments 3) Know my distances 4) Improve my mental game 5) Become a better green reader Fitness 1) Focus on technique in weight room 2) Improve flexibility 3) Improve Cardio
  10. I agree, also for me the emergence of the young guns made the season a lot of fun. My hope for 2019 is that Rickie wins a major and Chuckie III builds on his late win to comtend more often.
  11. BTerry85


    Stood on the scales today, not good so: 1). Flatbelly Intermediate A, Interval A 2) getting back to tracking food
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