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  1. Has anybody worked with SuperSpeed sticks? A pretty favorable article at MyGolfSpy.
  2. I found this chart that I'm using as a basis to find some more distance. My goal is 100 mph. Looking forward to the Power and Distance Challenge.
  3. I’ve been stepping in the scale at about the same time each morning. Pretty much right of bed. I like the feedback and the reinforcement. It’s becoming part of my morning ritual and frankly I look forward to it, especially when I have been doing well! I’m down 5.8 lbs since 2/20. Not by accident either!
  4. Prepare? Here in the deep freeze the only options are to hit indoor simulators when they are available, or to utilize space like my attic to put a net up, just to get swings. Otherwise, previously my preparation was mainly eating and drinking too much over the holidays, pack on some weight, go into hibernation until the weather breaks and go out and hack it around for 2 months until "I find something in my swing" that allows me to feel like some semblance of a golfer. It's been like Groundhog Day over the years. I'm not putting that into practice this year! I'm hitting balls everyday and rolling putts, and beginning another Challenge. I always launch the new Challenges, but lose steam about half way through. I feel different about the RBC (at least through 2 1/2 days). I must say that the new Bluetooth Scale I bought from Amazon has been a nice "accountability" partner, as I look forward to stepping on it each morning to see what happened over the last 24 hours. There has been a direct correlation between how I eat and exercise, and the results on the scale.
  5. Had an absolute blast hanging with guys! I learned that quality >quantity. Or was just too much golf..too much drinking and not enough sleep! Hit enough quality full swing shots to be encouraged and stunk it up on and around the greens to know I have a shit ton of work ahead of me when sitting arrives. The photo shows a balanced finish, BUT an embarrassingly low center of gravity. Work to do in the gym and meals.
  6. I am officially pissed off that I allowed myself to get fat. #fukphat. #excusesnomore #clubheadspeedisking
  7. I've been in Vegas since Sunday. Logging lots of miles but no work outs. Food intake going well though.
  8. I listened to the Birdie Brigade podcast today from Sept 2017. How did I miss this? That dope that Chris and Rich used as an example of what not to do had no future in golfer with a swing like that! Brutal!
  9. Trips are a challenge for sure. I find that if I stay away from fried foods and breads, I usually do well. A typical "Applebee's" type meal for me (when i do well) is a chicken breast/steak/salmon and broccoli or zucchini. The worst is a pizza delivery to my room! When I eat well I don't feel totally stuffed but satisfied. The pizza alternative turns me into a sloth.
  10. Just had my iron lofts checked and was glad that they were all to spec since they have 2 rounds in them. I wanted them bent 1 degree flat but found that they were actually 1 up. Makes sense because I’m noticing the divots are a bit deeper on the heel side.
  11. Will we have access to the workouts here?
  12. Blubber removal👍 Clubhead speed👍
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