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Christian Henning

[CONSISTENCY] Statisical Analysis (part 4 of 4)

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THIRD Review. Once you have enough data, we can draw some conclusions. Although the spreadsheet lacks the ability to count how many times you missed right or left on fairway and green shots, your notes are available (or should be) for a manual tally.


Start by counting how many fairways you hit and missed. Then count your right and left misses (separately). Tally this number up on a notepad. What is your most consistent miss? This will give us the information we need to determine a course of action.


Second, count how many times you hit greens in regulation. Then count your misses to the right and left (separately). What we are looking for here is the “low hanging fruit” for your misses. Do you miss greens more to the left or the right?


Third, let’s look at our putting statistics. Out of our greens in regulation, how many putts do we average? When we miss a green, are we able to get up and down?


The data will reveal the low hanging fruit for each aspect of our game… and from there, we can devise a plan of attack.


For example, if you have an abnormally large amount of three putts… are you missing more from 3′ and in or is your lag putting horrible and leaving you 5 – 6 footers for par?


The amount of data you can examine depends on the notes you take. Spend extra time taking quality notes and you will discover where you can begin to drop your score faster.

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