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Christian Henning

It’s time you kicked crunches and sit-ups to the curb

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It’s never surprising to see people that think they are training their core correctly when they may be doing more harm than good.

I’m here to teach you how to build your core in a progressive manner, and give you the foundation of building a powerful, stable, and consistent golf swing.

Be sure to check out the amazing testimonial where everything comes together for a PGA Professional…

Just in case you didn’t know yet, science and research have proven that crunches and sit-ups are OUT. What’s more, they do nothing really to help your golf game and power.

You need to kick them to the curb. Just like you did with your last girlfriend…

It’s not you. You’re fine, lovely in fact, and much smarter than me. It’s just I want to pursue younger women.” – You

Sure, they are fun every once in awhile to drop in and see what’s up, but as relationship material, forget them. You are better off without crunches and sit-ups and your x-girlfriend Lacy Underall (she’s old skool anyway).


One of the main essentials to correctly training your core (which develops rock solid abs your new girlfriend will go crazy for) is that of bracing or getting yourself into a solid “hollow” position.

What this helps you do is correctly activate your core in order to get your body into a STRONG position.

This key concept is critical in helping you get better results overall. Having a solid core is essential with any and all of your golf swing and exercises…

Want to hit the ball further?

Get your core stronger.

Want to avoid the back 9 fade?

Get your core stronger.

Want ripped looking abs?

Get your core stronger (and make sure to eat better too!)

Want a more consistent swing?

Get your core stronger.

Hopefully, you know what I mean and you get my point about all this… 😉

Anyway, let’s go over this “hollow” core training position.

The pushup plank, using the “hollow” technique to recruit and engage the proper core muscles we need for golf.

To practice the “hollow” position, first:

  • Lay flat on your back
  • Feet together
  • Arms crossed in front of your chest.


  • Squeeze your butt as this will engage your main core muscles.
  • Squeeze your butt and raise your legs off the ground about 6-12 inches.
  • Maintain this position with your butt tight and your legs straight, toes
    pointing away from your head.


  • Keep your arms crossed in front of your chest.
  • Raise your chest up and bring your upper back off the floor.

Feel that tension?

If you’ve done it right, you shouldn’t feel anything in your lower back, just extreme tension in your abs and arse.Now, if you were to look at yourself from the side, you would look like a banana or a very shallow looking “c”.This is the hollow position and this is the best way to PROTECT your back during any type of core exercise. The hollow position guarantees you are engaging the right muscles you need to activate to gain powerful drives and consistency.

It also happens to be one of the best exercises to train your core.

How long can you hold that position for?

10 secs… 15 secs… 30 secs… 1 minute???

It’s tougher than it sounds, but you’ll start to see the difference after you keep progressing.

Get ALL of the core progression exercises + more –> easy to follow

Now, like many people, I’m sure that if this was NEW to you, you might of had a bit of trouble holding the “hollow” position. 

Or probably felt it in your low back.

It’s all about proper activation and like anything, it will take consistent work in learning this technique.

But, if you stick to it, you’ll build a STRONG core and that’s going to be worth its weight in GOLD at your next skins or money game with your buddies.

And as you move along the program, you’ll see better and better results.

=> Discover the SECRETS to getting a rock solid core + power and distance

Christian “I broke up with Lacy Underall too” Henning

PS – Don’t take my word for it, here’s a PGA Professional used one of my programs to cash in on longer drives, shorter irons to greens, more endurance, and more enjoyment playing against his golf buddies…

I am a PGA Club Professional and I have always had a very credible game of golf. However, I have always felt that I had very average length, and that this was the biggest weakness in my game. I saw the challenge on the web, and was interested to see what it would do for me. I knew that consistent fitness would help me improve that weakness, but was needing something structured and motivating to get me started. So I took the challenge. After receiving the tools and getting the workout programs, I jumped right in and got started. The workouts, the tools, and all the helpful products, made the workouts easy, and fun. There were times that it was tough to get motivated enough to follow through with the workout, but the support and the accountability provided by the Challenge Team, got me over the humps and those sore days after workouts (lol). One day about 1/2 through the program I went out to hit some balls. After a few minutes of practice, I noticed I was hitting a target with a club that I previously couldn’t have hit with. I was hitting it about 5-10 yards farther.


I didn’t want to stop practicing. This made the rest of the challenge workouts, even more fun. I couldn’t wait to put in a few workouts and then go practice again, to see if was hitting it even farther. And of course I was. After finishing the program, the overall distance that I gained was tremendous for my game. I was hitting on average at least one less iron from regular distances (hitting 9 iron instead of 😎 and hitting longer drives. The combination of those two things meant I was hitting 2 and sometimes 3 less clubs than I would usually hit on holes that I played all the time. However, to me the biggest benefit from the program was more consistency and more confidence. I was putting more good shots in a row together than I ever had. As I am sure anyone will agree, this makes the game more enjoyable, and I know everyone would enjoy that.” Scott McClinton, PGA

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